Flexo Seals

High precision seals with strict tolerances made of 6 different FOAM grades suitable for all applications (solvent base, water base, UV) aimed to a proper ink chamber sealing and a long lasting (up to 250-300’000 m runs).

Seals are produced with any shape on demand, using CNC technology with high cutting precision which grants a smooth contact surface seal-cylinder.

Extreme flexibility in manufacturing out of samples and drawings as well as in modifing shapes & sizes.

Foam Grades


medium hardness & medium density
most commonly used


high hardness & medium density
high working pressure


medium-low hardness & high density
very high wear resistence


medium-low hardness & medium density
very high wear resistence


low hardness & low density
medium working pressure


low hardness & medium density
extreme wear resistence properties

Long Life Seals

Double Component Innovative Seals

Specific for High Speed Presses & Very Long Runs (to be used in combination with CBG ACCIAI Coated Blades range selection).
Outstanding performance compared to any conventional seal. ZERO LEAK factor. Save ink. Keep press clean. Available for any press model.

Self Lubricant Seals

  • REVOLUTIONARY self lubricant seals.
  • Seals are impregnated with lubricant oil to reduce friction & covered with a shell of solid rubber to bear any working pressure.
  • Lasting beyond 1’500’000 m runs.

Pure Felt Self Lubricant Seals

  • Made with the most pure high density felt
  • Soaked with highly lubricant oil
  • Excellent Chamber sealing
  • Suitable for Medium Runs

Coated Seals X000

  • Special anti-friction coating to improve seal life x 3-4 times.
  • Ideal combination with FLEXO 3 & 4 foam grades.
  • Lasting beyond 800’000 m.


  • Special food-contact approved grease to be used with CBG seals (any kind).
  • It helps sealing the flexo chamber, drastically reducing ink leaks.
  • It improves lubrication limiting seal wear.