The AniCAM HD is used for the inspection of Anilox rolls, Gravure Cylinders and Flexoplates.

The new AniCAM HD allows users to achieve faster, more accurate results, whilst maintaining simple user interaction.

Due to the latest technology employed in the AniCAM HD™ the ability to simply, easily and accurately measure the volume and condition of anilox rolls, Gravure cylinders and Flexoplate is now viable and practical for every printer. Just 30 seconds to get an automatic 3D scan, all geometric measurements and rotatable 3D View for visual inspection at a click of a button.

SurfaceCAM HD™

The SurfaceCAM 3D Scanning Microscope is a precision optical instrument and can work on a wide range of materials.

The SurfaceCAM is used for the scanning of Gravure, Embossing cylinders and Low Screen Anilox. It provides images for analysis of, depth, volume, openings, heights, wall widths, channel widths and any angle measurements.

MagneCAM HD™

The MagneCAM HD Option gives you the positioning of an AniCAM or SurfaceCAM on steel cylinders/rolls rotated at any angle incorporating magnetic legs and special internal drive couplings.

Based on this unique, patent applied for, magnetic holding system, the system can be placed onto a cylinder or roll at any angle.